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  • Team Mass, founded by Mike Whitt, is committed to providing the very best and most effective personal training available. The unique workout programs are individualized for each client to get maximum results. Mike Whitt is a professional personal trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience. Learn More

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to train like one!

TeamMass is dedicated to personal training, utilizing the best strength and conditioning techniques for the athlete and non athlete!  All personal training is customized to fit the needs of each individual no matter your fitness level in personal training.

I am Mike Whitt, a personal training professional. My personal training accomplishments include a BA in Physical Education and a certification by USA Weightlifting.  I also have over twenty years of coaching and experience in personal training from professional to middle school athletes, and all levels of personal training in between.

Fitness training is beneficial to everyone interested in health, vitality, and high self-esteem.  We all want to improve mentally and physically, and personal training can help in a massive way. Custom design personal training programs give every individual an edge in life, whether you’re training to compete in athletics or simply to get through a 50 hour work week.  A quality fitness training regimen helps make this possible.Fitness training promotes physical fitness, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, self-confidence, and an overall better quality of life. 

Our personal training programs are Hard Core. But we make it fun and exhilarating as well!  The endorphins your brain releases during fitness heightens mood and increases stamina.  You may be sore after personal training, but the feeling of accomplishment from your personal training regimen will far outweigh any physical soreness you may experience. 

Let me use my education and many years of experience in personal training to give you the advantage you need, along with the mental and physical excitement you’ll feel from my individualized personal training programs.  Personal training is an Investment in the most important asset you will ever own—You!  Take the first step toward better health and more confidence with Team Mass personal training. Contact us today for more information about personal training designed just for you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the gym for your very own personal training session!

Train Hard, Train Often

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