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About Mike Whitt

Hi, my name is Mike Whitt, I am a professional personal trainer  with over 20 years of coaching and training experience. As an X professional and division athlete I/m an expert and I’m committed to providing the very best and most effective personal training available.  My unique workout programs are individualized for each client to get maximum results.  I combine myexperience with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and my USA Weightlifting certification to create tailor made training programs for people at all fitness levels.

Team Mass believes in the concept that individualized personal training workouts can benefit anyone.  A program can be developed to train individuals who are athletes, as well as those who are not.  We recognize that our services can help the athlete who is training for competition.  But even non athletes who want to get healthier, relieve stress, lose weight, gain more energy, or attain any other fitness goals can benefit from our personal training programs.

We work with each individual to design a custom program that benefits the whole person.  We know that a good personal training regimen promotes not only the physical body by increasing strength and major body systems,  it also promotes emotional health by building self confidence and overall mental well being.

Our training programs are hard core and challenging.  However, participants also have fun because we utilize a wide variety of training activities at all levels to strengthen the body and stimulate the senses, which encourages participants to continue their workout regimen on a long-term basis.

Our services include speed training, weight lifting and athlete development.  We also offer weight loss services and personal private training.

Don’t put off getting the expert personal training you deserve!  Contact us today and schedule an assessment so that we can start you on a training program made just for you.

Mike Whitt
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