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Athletic Performance South Bay

Team Mass is dedicated to enhancing athletic performance in kids and adults in South Bay.  We will train individuals to condition their bodies through athletic performance South Bay programs that help improve overall performance in sports.  Our kids and adults are taught fitness training as well as how to prevent injuries while participating in sports.  Athletic performance South Bay can be beneficial for overall quality in the life of both kids and adults.

Mike Whitt is an experienced coach and trainer who utilizes two decades of  experience to provide the best and most effective athletic performance for kids and adults. Athletic performance training helps athletes to reach goals and to become more knowledgeable and skillful in their sport; no matter what sports kids and adults participate in.  Athletic performance South Bay teaches athletes how to focus their minds to be disciplined in their athletic performance so that whether they are single athletes or play on a team, they can achieve success.

Kids and adults alike need training specially made for them in order to reach their peak athletic performance.  Team Mass utilizes Athletic performance  methods such as conditioning, form and strengthening for kids and adults at all levels and types of sports in Redondo Beach. Improved athletic performance is beneficial from high school sports through professional sports, which includes both kids and adults.

 Athletic performance South Bay is one of the many services we offer kids and adults in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach.  Let us help you to accelerate your athletic performance with a training program made especially for you.  Don’t hesitate a day longer to take advantage of the services we offer to kids and adults.  Contact us today and let us show you how we can improve your athletic performance in a safe and effective way.

Mike Whitt
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