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Speed Training

Speed training is another important service offered by Team Mass.  We are experts in developing speed training for our clients that will produce maximum benefits at any level.  Speed training can be designed in several forms, including running, plyometrics, or even sports like shot putting. The main reason why speed training is effective is because of the quick movement speed training requires. It can be expressed using maximum strength, speed and power in many speed training activities.

Sprinting is an example of speed training.  It requires an athlete being able to apply force which can overcome inertia.  Team Mass offers unique speed training exercises that result in enhancement of power as well as strength. We also provide speed training using methods such as assisted resistance and heavy resistance. These speed training methods increase the athlete’s stride length, enhance the neuromuscular system, improve balance, and develop better overall coordination.

Our speed training regimens are also designed to promote proper posture, which is a key element for the most effective speed training. We will show you how to perfect that forward lean, ankle, knee and hip extension as well as correct angles of the shins.  Speed training is useless unless methods such as these are taught properly, which is why you should get your speed training from experienced trainers, like Team Mass.

Team Mass is able to assess individuals who are interested in speed training to determine their level of strength, mobility and endurance.  Mike Whitt specializes in teaching proper speed training technique for maximum effectiveness. Experience the best in speed training now.  Take a moment and contact us so we can begin working as your special speed training team!

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