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Strength Training

weight-liftingWeightlifting is one of the many services offered by Team Mass.  In addition to more than twenty years coaching and training experience, Mike Whitt has also earned USA Weightlifting Certification. In order to obtain weightlifting certification, candidates must master several categories.  This includes proper weightlifting technique, form and knowing the benefits of weightlifting.  Upon successful completion, this prestigious weightlifting certification is granted.

 Team Mass offers comprehensive weightlifting services to individuals at various levels of experience and fitness levels.  Mike Whitt and his team can teach various Olympic style lifts including, snatch, jerk and clean weightlifting.

Did you know that many recent studies have proven that weightlifting has numerous physical and mental health benefits? Weightlifting, or strength training, promotes wellbeing and fitness for people in any stage of life.  For instance, weightlifting creates non bulky muscles.  These muscles that are created by weightlifting have thicker and stronger fibers that enhance the performance of participants in endurance sports.

Weightlifting is also proven to promote fat loss. And anyone who has participated in weightlifting can testify that they are stronger, more fit and have increased energy as a result of a weightlifting routine. Weightlifting strengthens the upper and lower back.  This important benefit is useful to everyone from the weightlifting competitor to the homemaker lifting groceries, doing chores or carrying a toddler around.

Even if you are beginning weightlifting Team Mass will create basic weightlifting exercises for you that will manifest results in a very short time! We will also teach you how to vary your weightlifting routine daily so that you are never bored and tempted to quit.

Don’t put off reaping the long list of weightlifting benefits.  Contact Team Mass so you too can join the millions of weightlifting participants who are seeing immediate results from performing a weightlifting regimen tailor made for their unique situation.

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